Cranleigh Parish Council

Cranleigh Parish Council Policies and Other Documents

The Parish Council has a variety of policies to support its operating rules (Standing Orders and Financial Regulations).

Allotment Guidance 2015

Asbestos Handling Policy 2017

Certifying Documents Policy 2017

Child Protection and Vulnerable Persons Policy 2014

Coat of Arms Policy 2015

Code of Conduct Guide for Staff 2015

Communication and Engagement Strategy 2016

Complaints Policy

Correspondence Policy 2016

Data Protection Policy

Dignity and Respect at Work 2015

Discipline, Dismissal and Grievance Procedure 2015

Document Control Policy 2015

Equality Policy 2015

Exercise of Pension Discretions 2015

Fair Trade Policy 2014

Finance Policy 2015

Fire Safety Precautions and Fire Evacuation Procedure 2015

First Aid Policy 2015

Flag Flying Policy 2017

FOI Publication Scheme 2017

Grants & Donations Policy 2015

Handling Aggression at Work Policy 2015

Handling of DBS Certificate Information Policy 2015

Health and Safety Policy 2015

Investment Policy

IT, Email and Internet Policy 2014

Lone Worker Policy 2015

Litter Picking Policy 2015

Members Allowances 2015

Memorial Benches Policy 2014

Officer/Member Protocols 2016

Pension Policy 2015

Planning Code of Good Practice

Policy for Discussion with Developers 2015

Press and Media Policy 2017

Reporting of Council Meetings Policy 2016

Standing Orders 2017

Stress Management 2015


Tree Work Policy 2014

Telephone Policy 2014

Vexatious Complainants 2015

Wildflower Policy